As you may know, there have been many changes regarding compliance within the vaping industry. Some compliance regulations vary from state to state. Vapor Sense is based in Houston Texas and we are required to comply with new Texas law SB 97 with a deadline of NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 1ST, 2015.  

There are two new policies related to online orders established in the law that require changes in how our customers order online.  Please see below:



Texas Law SB 97 now requires signature upon delivery.

The billing, shipping and age verification name must match to successfully complete your order.


We ship all orders within 3 days of order approval.  Due to issues with the carrier, occasionally the orders may be delivered later than expected.  We will do our part to get it shipped, but once they have it, there is nothing we can do about their timeframe for delivery. 



Vapor Sense now requires the use of a 3rd party age verification during checkout. The sale of cigarettes or e-cigarettes to anyone under 18 years of age is prohibited. Cigarette or e-cigarette sales are restricted to those who can provide verifiable proof of age. The sale of cigarettes or e-cigarettes are taxable. The prospective purchaser of these products will be paying applicable taxes and must be able to verify their age through a 3rd party age verification system as required by Texas law SB 97. Customers are now required to verify age using FedEx signature when any e-liquid is delivered.